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The Couchiching Doctrine

Speech from the Inaugural Meeting of Council 

Hello everyone,

It is a real honour to be here. To be taking my place again in Orillia’s City Council. I am very excited to see what this new term of council brings and am looking forward to representing the people of Ward 3 in our great city.


Before getting started, there are some people that I would really like to thank:


Paige has been absolutely incredible throughout. Her support has been amazing. She is quite the canvasser, speaker, and thinker and I would argue she’s more a politician than I am.


My Mom and Dad (Wendy and Fred)- They are the best parents a guy could ask for. They have been incredibly supportive of me. Always kind, generous, and great senses of humour. I credit my positivity and perseverance to them. Thanks so much Mom and Dad!


My siblings Jennie and Murray, Murray's partner Olivia, as well as my full extended family (and it’s a big one). A special big thank you is my Aunt Mugsy the PickleBall Pro from Bondhead who is here tonight. So thanks to you guys and the entire Fallis-McQuaig family.


There were so many friends who helped out in various ways and were supportive of me throughout the process


-The McWhinnie Brothers and Carole,
-Ted and Audrey
-Beverley, Max,
-Danielle and Stuart
-Grace, Jeannine, Bre, and Jodie,
-The Lyons Family
-Irene, Doug, John,
-The Booths,
-Alex, Tom,

-Tshweu, Lala, and Wes,
-Brad, Alec, and Theresa,

-The Andersons,
-The Johnsons,


These are just a few of the many people that helped out and they were incredible! I couldn’t have asked for a better support team! From the bottom of my heart I really want to thank everyone!


I also want to say thank you to Ward 3, I look forward to representing your interests at city hall again this term. My door is always open, my phone is always on. And I really hope to do you proud!

Before finishing there is something I would like to leave you all with.


Last time during my inaugural speech, I mentioned a YouTube clip I had watched featuring a commencement speech by the comedian Conan Obrien. And in the speech, Obrien, reflects on some of the doctrines of history. the Monroe Doctrine, the Kennedy Doctrine. He then goes on to create his own.


This inspired me last time to create the Mariposa Doctrine, and I am proud to say over the past term I stuck to those principles that I identified four years ago. Well, I wanted to update things for this term, so I have decided to create a new doctrine: ‘the Couchiching Doctrine’ 


The Principles of the Couchiching Doctrine.
1. I will vote not on what is easiest politically, but what is best for this city.
2. I will be honest and fair no matter the situation.
3. I will speak out to protect opportunities for public engagement and independent thinking.
4. I will not ignore the three biggest problems that our city, province, and country face: poverty, indigenous reconciliation, and climate change.
5. Above all, I will make every effort to work with my fellow council members. 


No matter what the scenarios, the obstacles, these are the principles I will adamantly uphold.


Thanks again to all and I really look forward to getting started!

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