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I thought that for this journal entry I would write an article that may be of some practical assistance for residents of Orillia. Over the past few years, there have been issues that have come across my desk with no easy solution within our city. However, a variety of apps and websites provide an opportunity for solutions.  Please note that I am not endorsing any specific websites or apps. However, I thought that I should bring attention to any useful ones that might be helpful.

*If you are aware of any other relevant apps or websites available in the Orillia area not listed below, please send me a message, and I will do my best to adjust the lists accordingly.

Winter Overnight Parking (Especially West Ridge)
I have received many complaints over the past few years that there are few to no extra parking options in the West Ridge area during the winter months at night. Councillor Czetwerzuk and I have been communicating with staff and discussing a variety of solutions. While there are no easy immediate options for this winter, down the line there may be some possibilities. Hopefully, there will be news to follow. 
During these discussions with staff, one staff member brought my attention to a series of apps that may help to alleviate this issue to some degree. Anyone who has spare parking spots in their driveway or business, can register the spots through the apps. Those looking for parking can log on and book those spots. 

The apps which I am aware of that provide this opportunity include:

WhereiPark:                                             Honk Mobile:        


Winter Snow Clearing
This is another common complaint I receive: someone has been unable to keep their driveway clear. This can be a real challenge, especially for residents that are older and/or have mobility issues. Over the past two years I have been made aware of some apps and websites that connect people clearing driveways with those needing their driveway clear. 


Snow Angels:
(This website provides an opportunity for volunteers to connect with residents needing their driveway cleared. There is no fee associated with the service.)


Snow Job:
(This app provides an opportunity for residents to pay individuals to clear their driveway).


Touch Plow:
(This app provides an opportunity for residents to be connected with snow clearing professionals in the neighbourhood).

Waste Sorting
This is another common request/complaint brought to me: how do we know, as residents of Orillia, which bin to put our waste/recycling in? Well look no further! The city has recently developed a website/app search engine that accurately tells you where everything goes. PLEASE NOTE: that this is only accurate for residents of Orillia. If you are from the townships this information might not be accurate. 


Recycle Coach (Orillia):


I will continue to keep my ears open and if other relevant apps or websites come up that may be helpful, I’ll include them in this article as well.

Hope you have a happy holidays!
Councillor Jay Fallis


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