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A Worrisome Time

(Pieces from Council Minutes April 6th, 2020)

Our thoughts are with those at Spencer House tonight, the individuals and families who are currently dealing with this disease, the medical professionals and healthcare workers who are on the front lines battling this.  We are thinking of all Orillians and everyone of us who is concerned of what the future might hold.

This can be a very lonely, horrific, and scary disease. However, no matter who you are, where you are, we are all in this together. You may be alone in a room somewhere, frightened out of your mind, but just know that the entire world outside that door is rooting for you and has your back! 

There is so much negative to think about right now. However, there are always positives if we are looking for them. John Krasinski who stars in the comedy show "the Office" produces a video clip called "Some Good News". He shares many different good news stories from around the world that are uplifting feel-good stories. They include everything from scientists working to conquer the disease, to people helping out neighbours in little ways.

I'm hoping his next clip covers our new resident Moose here in Orillia!

Watching it has made me realize, that with these different stories we have a way of connecting with one another. We can keep our loved ones close even though they may be far away.

Postitivity and hope is clearly the trick to defeating this disease. Finding the incredible stories of Orillians helping out in big and little ways; discovering the constant light in the ever growing darkness. 

We are in a war right now with an enemy that is invisible, that can come out of nowhere. But our united positivity, creativity, and vigilance has the power to defeat it!

Ray of Light
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