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The Checklist


Below I have included a list of some of my proudest accomplishments during this past term as a City Councillor. 

Since starting as a City Councillor in December of 2018, I have responded to 1271 constituent complaints and suggestions. I have also co-hosted two, Ward 3 townhall meetings as well as a student townhall at Georgian College. All of this correspondence and outreach has led me to move a variety of projects and initiatives forward. Some of the most notable are listed below. It should be noted that many of these actions and accomplishments were a collaborative effort and were in no small part shared with others! 

1. Helped develop an overnight warming centre for Orillia's homeless. 


2. Helped to create a seniors local phone-in newsline.

3. Pushed Council on multiple occasions, to increase the city's Affordable Housing Reserve. This resulted in an annual increase of $20,000 to the reserve and possible further funding in the future.


4. As the city's representative on the Simcoe County Affordable Housing Committee, I advocated for more ambitious affordable housing targets at the county level.

5. Pushed for the development of a city led hardwater rebate program.

6. Supported the revitalization of Information Orillia.

7. Helped to create the 'Take a Bag, Leave a Bag' pilot project.

8. Strongly advocated for the implementation of traffic calming measures in problematic areas of Orillia (Collegiate Drive, Emperor Drive, Skyline Drive and Alexander Road, etc.).

9. Encouraged and assisted in the removal of phragmites (invasive species) at city facilities.

10. Initiated the placement of a garbage can along Collegiate Drive to address litter problems in that area.

11. Strong supporter of the city's Climate Change Action Plan and the city's partnership with Sustainable Orillia.

12. Have supported many affordable housing projects that have been brought forward (the County's ODCVI site, Raising the Roof at Orillia's Post Office, and initial talks with the local YMCA prior to a change in direction).

13. Advocated for improved snow plowing. Followed up with staff each year to review ways to improve on snow plowing initiatives undertaken during the previous winter.

14. Helped to ensure various infrastructure repairs and issues brought up by constituents were addressed. These included (among many):

-improving the accessibility of sidewalks

-general sidewalk repairs

-road patching

-dangerous tree branch removal

-addressing drainage issues and ditching

-parking lot resurfacing

-improving park amenities

15. Played a significant role in helping Orillia to become a Bee Friendly City. This ensures that the city promotes the protection and expansion of bee habitats.

16. Important environmental advocacy including: pushing council to oppose a Provincial Minister's Zoning Order (MZO) for the Rama Road Corridor, encouraging council to cut back on urban sprawl, and putting forward a motion to have Council support increased federal funding for the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund.

17. Has been helping to work towards the creation of a Diversity and Anti-Racism Committee in Orillia.

18. Conviction in standing up against racist and hate-based imagery within our community.

19. Strong advocate for addressing youth homelessness and initiatives to bring a youth shelter to Orillia.

20. Continuing to advocate for a centrally located dog park! I made many efforts throughout this past term and looked at various properties the city might be able to use for this purpose. If elected, I will continue this work!


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